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"Renovated home sales are on the rise. Buyers are looking for custom over cookie cutter!"

Don’t be told what your home is worth… Show it!

A reovation is the best way to maximize value of your home, if you know what your doing!

Selling a dated home is like walking away from a free money. Let us renovate your home and maximize your profit potential.

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Here's Why Over 12,000 Real Estate Investors Are Loving Forflip:

  • Give buyers the opportunity to design their own space

  • Put together a digital remodel to showcase your homes hidden potential

  • Huge savings and flexibility for both buyer and seller

  • Work with our team of friendly professionals to help navigate your next real estate transaction.


Buyer Features

Tell us what your looking for - We will help to design and customize your next home. The way you want

Let us know where you want to live – We will canvass that area to find a location that works for you.

What’s you budget – Sometimes it can be hard to find the diamond in the rough, our team will analyze com-parables and data to find you the best value.

Seller Features

Selling your property for top dollar - Our team will check the com-parables and find out how much you could possibly get for your home.

Getting your home ready – In most cases your home is dated and in need of repair. We do an in-depth market analysis and put together a Scope of Work, budget, and timelines you can work with.

How to get started - We have a variety of options when it comes to updating your home. We can do a digital remodel or in some cases we can cover the cost of the renovation. Contact us to learn more!

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Renovations That Give You the Most Return When Selling Your Home

Think about this when your looking to sell your home, we can help.

Home renovations prior to selling can be worthwhile but often result in a net loss. Get expert tips on which remodels give you the most bang for your buck.

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Best Places to Buy Rental Property During COVID-19 | Mashvisor

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Real estate is a good investment during COVID-19, but only in certain housing markets. Here are the best places to buy rental property in 2020.

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Is getting pregnant during the coronavirus outbreak a bad idea?

Being cooped up with your spouse 24hrs because of CoVid-19 , wouldn’t be considered foreplay. However if your thinking of getting pregnant during this time you might want to read this.

Is it OK to follow through with trying to conceive a baby during a pandemic that no one knows how long will last? We asked the experts.

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