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Renovate Now, Sell For More, Pay At Closing

FOR FLiP is a innovative home improvement company that works for you, Realtors and their clients to maximize a homes hidden potential. Updating and repairing your clients home, in a fast and cost effective way before it hits the market. To sell quickly for the best possible price. Often differing payment until closing.

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What's in it for You?

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List with Confidence! 

Having a team (Contractors, Designers, Estimators, Project Planners) working to provide the best ROI on your property.

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Saving You Time

It's no secret that a FOR FLiP home sells fast and for more money, then average listings. Let us unlock your homes hidden potential.

Sell For More $$$

We work with seller’s and agents to give the best home improvement plan available. Working with our team of contractors, designers, and suppliers gives you the best ROI on your investment.

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